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VM® Upper materials

The high-quality materials of VM® work and safety footwear and uppers are determined by technologically advanced and natural materials that are used across the collection. We prefer 100% natural leather or technologically advanced functional materials that excel in their properties such as breathability, high abrasion and high water absorption.

In the past and at present it is still true that there is no better and more suitable material for the manufacture of footwear than the leather. Leather is a 100% natural material with ideal features such as very good absorption capability, ability to adapt to individual foot shape, breathability and ductility. The types of leather used in our collection are mainly cowhide leather, buffalo leather and pig leather. By the way of processing we can sort the leather into the following types:

Smooth cowhide leather - the most common and the finest fullgrain material, has a smooth slightly textured surface that can be smooth or glossy, usually in a wide range of colors. It is necessary to take care of it with creams and waxes.

Nubuck and Crazy Horse - is a high quality fullgrain leather, slightly brushed on the face. It is a material whose maintenance is quite demanding, using only brushes or PU foams. Fot this type of leather can not be used cream or wax. The Crazy Horse leather is only oily or wax version of NUBUCK and these can be maintained in the same way as NUBUCK but with the use of preparations such as impregnation and waxes.

Velour (suede) / split leather material - the leather is cut on the back side, the hair remains on the surface, it is less prone to damage than the NUBUCK. Splitted material has much lower strength and is not nearly as good as VELOUR or NUBUCK, it is the first or second layer of leather.

Coated leather - it is a type of leather with corrected grain / surface with a thin, e.g., polyurethane coating. In this lower quality leather (with increased defects), is easier maintenance of the material. Oftenly used for sports shoes or for shoes with less maintenance.

1.) dry mild cowhide leather 2.) cowhide leather CRAZY HORSE 3.) brushed cowhide leather 4.) textile with CPU printing
mekcena usen licovy crazy horse brousena usen cpu potisk
5.) smooth cowhide leather 6.) cowhide printed leather 7.) cowhide leather NUBUCK 8.) brushed cowhide suede leather VELOUR
hladka usen hladka usen dezen nubuk velur

VM® Outsoles

Special design of VM® Footwear, custom product line development, protected industrial designs, functional systems, registered trademarks, and last but not least, the outsole with 128-year tradition and knowledge of the Michelin® brand.

1.) MICHELIN-PU/RUBBER 2.) PU/RUBBER up tp 300°C 3.) PU/TPU 4.) PU/TPU-transparent
michelin podesev pu rubber 300 podesev pu tpu podesev pu tpu transparentni podesev
5.) EVA/RUBBER 6.) EVA/TPU/RUBBER 7.) PU/PU 8.) PU/PU-transparent
eva rubber podesev eva tpu rubber podesev pu pu podesev pu pu transparentni

VM® Linings

FREE-TEX® - lining, as a sandwich of 3 special layers, one of which is vapor-permeable, the other waterproof and the third thermo-insulating. Together with innerlining and leather shoe uppers forms a perfect solution for optimum dimate inside the shoe. Provides thermal-insulation, breathability and water resistance.
KEVLAR - special inner lining, 100% KEVLAR in total weight of 650g/m2. With several layers it provides resistance against chain saw.
AIR MESH - lining material with a vapor-proof, vapor-permeable, abrasion-resistant, hygienic standard, is used almost on the entire collection of VM® footwear. The material guarantees maximum comfort.


VM® Toe caps and Midsoles

Steel toe cap - according standard EN ISO 20345 min. impact resistance 200J.
Aluminium toe cap - very light toe cap according standard EN ISO 20345 min. impact resistance 200J.
Composite toe cap - according standard EN ISO 20345 min. impact resistance 200J.
Steel midsole S3 - resistant against punctures according standard EN ISO 20345.
Kevlar midsole S3 - very light and flexible midosle, resistant against punctures according standard EN ISO 20345.



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