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VM® footwear is equipped with patented systems, technological facilities and a range of advanced materials. All systems used on footwear, or parts thereof, are trademarked. A substantial part of the collection is registered as industrial designs at the Office of Industrial Property of the Czech Republic.

Used systems, patented components, proprietary registered trademarks, technologically advanced and natural materials are all the key attributes of VM® footwear. VM Footwear®, VM®, FREE-TEX®, Forced Circulation®, SPACE Comfort®, HARDHEEL STRUCTURED®, Blackfighter®, Redfighter®, Safety Code®, Bugger®...

boa logo systemy The BOA® Fit System delivers micro-adjustable, precision fit engineered to perform in the toughest conditions. It consists of three integral parts: a micro-adjustable dial, lightweight yet extremely strong laces and low friction lace guides, which are applied in uniquely designed configurations to improve the fit and performance of the shoe. The components of the BOA® Fit System are extensively tested and dials and laces are covered by the BOA® Lifetime Guarantee.
forced logo systemy Exhaust ventilation system combined with lining with absorbent capability. These shoes are "breathing" and provide maximum comfort.
free tex systemy The lining, as special sandwich of three vapor-permeable and a waterproof layers, together with innerlining and leather shoe uppers a perfect solution for optimum climate inside the shoe. Provides thermal-insulation, breathability and water resistance.
hard heel systemy Modern solutions of the heel shoe part, which ensures maximal stabilization of the foot while walking and standing .
space comfort systemy The optimal width of shoes is guarantee the required comfort.
anatomic systemy Anatomic, comfortable and shaped insole with excellent water absorption and dries quickly.
anatomic air comfort systemy Special insole with gel insert in the heel shock absorbing (absorbs energy) while walking - bamboo fiber ensures extraction of water vapor and optimal climate inside the shoe.
michelin systemy The outsoles are equipped with a combination of specially designed rubber compounds and are inspired by unique technical design of world famous brands Michelin® tires.
microfibre Upper HIGH-TECH material composed of microfibers, reaching the appearance, breathability, water resistance and parameters of the natural leather. Shoes can be washed at 40°C.
metatarsal Special protection system of the vamp, designated for the area of smelters, foundries, etc.
non metalic systemy Shoes without any metal components suitable for area that require it.
anticut systemy Special inner lining, 100% KEVLAR in total weight of 650g/m2. With several layers it provides resistance against chain saw.


absorpce energy absorption in the heel area odolnost outsole resistant to fuels /for occupational and safety shoes/ skluz slip resistance antistaticke vlastnosti antistatic properties
ochrana naraz protection against impact to 200 J and a pressure of 15 kN propich protection of the footwear, against punctures up to 1100 N voda shoe upper resistance against penetration and water  ochrana nartu instep protection
/only for safety shoes/
antistaticke vlastnosti esd ESD antistatic properties porezani upper resistance to chain saw cutting chlad  cold resistance teplo outsole resistant to contact heat up to 300°C

Basic categories of occupational and safety shoes

classification of footwear according to the level of protection designation of category
EN ISO 20347+A1 occupational shoes OB1 O1 O2 O3
EN ISO 20345+A1 safety shoes SB S1 S2 S3
symbol risk covered
  basic requirements   x x x x
  closed heel area of   o x x x
E energy absorption in the heel area   o x x x
A antistatic properties   o x x x
WRU shoe upper resistance against penetration and water absorption   o o x x
P protection against punctures the bottom of the shoe   o o o x
  pattern sole   o o o x
CI outsole complex insulation against cold   o o o o
HI outsole complex insulation against heat   o o o o
HRO outsole resistant to the contact heat   o o o o
WR durability of the whole shoe against water penetration   o o o o
FO outsole resistant to fuels /for occupational shoes only/   o o o o
M instep part protection / for safety shoes only/   o o o o
SRA antislip resistance2   x x x x
SRB   x x x x
SRC   x x x x
1) to denote the OB is still needed to fulfill one ofthe requirements to the full-shoes E, A, P, Hl, Cl, WR 2) must be satisfied at least one requirement x - amandatory requirement o - optional requiremnt

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