VM® Technology - Manufacturing process

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The collection of our footwear is mainly made in two ways / processes. These manufacturing processes are different in the way of the attachement of the shoe upper with the bottom, which significantly affects the function, the maintenance of the shoe, but also the suitability for use in the given work environment.

Cemented shoe construction

is the most used technology of leisure footwear (in our collection mainly represented in the outdoor section) where the bottom of the shoe is attached to the upper by gluing. The strength of the bonded joint is often negatively influenced by slipping or sweating the shoe. Also, in case of improperly selected shoe for a given work environment, mechanical loosening / damage to the bonded joint and thus the destruction of the footwear may occur.

Shoes with direct injection

is the most common technology used in the production of work and safety shoes, especially for a long life usage. The bottom of the shoe is attached to the upper by direct injection. The quality of the joint and the bottom of the shoe itself is determined by the material used.


Finishing the outsole injection process and following "trimming of the outsole rim and possible material overflows.

Buffing of the upper bottom and sides, i.e. material surface buffing for a perfect connection of the injected compound of the outsole to the upper.

Lasting of the heel part, closing of the heel and backing, preparation for the next operation and final injection of the outsole.

Upper lasting, initial and basic lasting of the shoe upper, preparation for lasting of the sides and the heel.

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