One of the pillars of a company strategy that helps the company to enhance image, brand awareness and product awareness is to support regional sport through sponsorship, specifically to support regional children's sport TJ Sokol, football, floorball, hockeyball. An important part of the presentation and social activities is the support of cultural and charity projects, cultural events such as balls, music festivals and musical groups, etc.


Kapka naděje

Handover of a financial gift

Galaconcert Kapky Naděje
VM Footwear s.r.o. on the Galaconcer Kapka Naděje...


Film Festival

Financial support

Cooperation with the Zlín Film Festival
Annual Support of the Zlín Film Festival...


Kapka Naděje

Donation of the Incubator

Cooperation with the Kapka Naděje
Official donation of an incubator for the gynecology department at the Uherské Hradiště Hospital...


Strážnice - Ball

Ball in Gala, Strážnice

Representative ball of the town of Strážnice
Support of the regional culture...

VM® High Technology

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