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VM Footwear brand strengthened its position in the occupational shoe market and defended the prestigious Czech Business Superbrands title for the fourh time in a row!

The Superbrands event took place on September 23, 2021 in the National House in Vinohrady in Prague and celebrated the best brands in the Czech Republic. The company VM Footwear s.r.o. she won one of the prizes again ... Thank you for your support.

Tribute Event 2021 | Tribute Event 2021 - press release  | Tribute Event 2021 - video

CNN Prima News report from this year 's gala evening | Photo gallery 2021

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Superbrands is the most respected independent global authority in the field of evaluation and branding. The title of Supebrands is a sign of a special position and recognition of the excellent brand position in the local market. The Superbrands seal will receive brands with an outstanding reputation - customers connect significant values and personal relationships. Since its inception in the UK, the project has gained worldwide recognition, and today the Superbrands Award is recognized as a special award which, on the basis of unified criteria and methods, identifies the best of the best brands in nearly 90 states on five continents every year.

Who gets the title Superbrands

The award of the Superbrands title for the given year is preceded by a multi-round tender. Individual brands can not be signed into the Superbrands program. The nomination is based on the database of all registered trademarks, which is released for this purpose by the Industrial Property Office. Bisnode company, the world's leading provider of business information, will create a list of nominated candidates based on business data and results. The next step is consumer research, one of the most important elements of the selection process, in which GfK Czech Republic agency, on the basis of connections and popularity, narrows the selection to the list of semifinalists. The final word for Superbrands title in the given year is the committee of the Brand Council. At the end of the rating process, consumers receive valuation of Superbrands, and business brands are awarded by the Business Superbrands title.

Superbrands program Czech republic

Superbrands has resumed its operations in the Czech Republic in 2013. Since 2014, brands have been evaluated not only in the consumer, but also in the area of ​​business or industrial (B2B) brands. While the first is publicly known and consumers are meeting them every day in the retail or service sector, business brands are important players in the specialized branch of industry, agriculture and commerce. Consumer and business Superbrands of the given year represent the absolute best between competitors. With Superbrands title we express our admiration and sincerely honor its results in the field of building a successful brand. The most important goal of Superbrands organization is not only to give away the most successful branding brands, but also to bring to the attention of consumers and the professional public the extremely strong brands operating on the Czech market and to present examples of good follow-up for market participants who would like to develop and inspire from the best. For this purpose, Superbrands organization arranges annually a joint PR and media program for award-winning brands, to which only the Superbrands and Business Superbrands of the given year are invited.

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The Superbrands event took place on September 18, 2019 at the National Museum in Prague and celebrated the best brands in the Czech Republic. The company VM Footwear s.r.o. won one of the prizes ... Thank you for your support.

Tribute Event 2019 | Tribute Event 2019 - press release | Tribute Event 2019 - video

TV Prima report (from 4:35) from this year's gala evening - broadcast on TopStar on September 20, 2019




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