Development and Design Processing

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VM® Footwear = high technology shoes

We create the shoes in our designs with protective elements and selected materials, which bring their users not only a feeling of safety but also a sense of convenience and comfort. The shoes we create with care and feeling is a living organism that must always fulfill its essential functions and use.

Work and safety shoes of VM® primarily protects and helps.

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Used systems, patented components, proprietary registered trademarks, technologically advanced and natural materials are all the key attributes of VM® footwear. VM Footwear®, VM®, FREE-TEX®, Forced circulation®, SPACE Comfort®, HARDHEEL STRUCTURED®.

Special design of VM® footwear, custom product line development, protected industrial designs, functional systems, registered trademarks, and last but not least, the outsole with 128-year tradition and knowledge of the Michelin® brand.

All these are parameters that determine the added value of the finished product - the VM® Footwear.

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VM® High Technology

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